Silver Spoon Restaurant - Events

The Silver Spoon Restaurant offers Event Management and event coordinating.

Whether it is an event or a team building exercise, contact us to plan or run all you activities in and around Graskop.

Events range from extreme activities to just plain fun activities. Tours of the area can be arranged for popular routes or we can arrange permits and you will see the area as very few others have. You will also see sights that are not accessible to just anyone.

Some of the activities Silver Spoon events has done or been associated with:

  • Vodacom Team building weekend (x2)
  • Forest Ride with family adventures. (quad bike riding)
  • Paradise motorcycle rally. Bike SA Event, Coordinated the Stalls and medics.
  • Sasol Rally Coordinated the medics for the event
  • MSA Toyota 400. Coordinated the medics for that event.

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